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OFEEFAN Sweatshirts for Women Crewneck Seasonal Wrap Introduction Quality inspection Sleeve Fall Long T Shirts

OFEEFAN Sweatshirts for Women Crewneck Long Sleeve Shirts Fall T


OFEEFAN Sweatshirts for Women Crewneck Long Sleeve Shirts Fall T


Product Description

Crewneck Sweatshirts for Women with Pocekt Cute Long Sleeve Tops for Fall Winter Spring

sweatshirts for womensweatshirts for women

gt;gt;gt;Skin Friendly Fabric

Polyester and spandex, super soft, not see through, high quality, stretchy, durable, breathable, lightweight and comfortable. Fleece surface warm enough for fall and winter.

gt;gt;gt;Fashion Look

Easy to pair the simple sweatshirt with skinny jeans, pants, dresses, shorts, boots, sneakers, heels and so on for a casual and elegant look in the crowd.

gt;gt;gt;Nice for Anytime

Fashion cute womens solid tunic tops for Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, holiday, vacation, casual, home, office, work, dating, school, shopping, party, club, cocktail, travel, leisure, lounge, workout, yoga, etc. Suitable for spring, autumn and winter.

gt;gt;gt;Basic Style

Basic crew neck sweatshirt featuring elastic cuffsamp;hemlines. The simple silhouette is casual chic and never out of date.


tunic tops for leggings for womentunic tops for leggings for women

Ribbed Collar---The ribbed collar makes this sweatshirts more stylish. It will not too tight or too loose, you don’t need to worry about it make your neck feel constricted and it can better modify the lines of your neck.

Ribbed Cuffs---Seal the warmth and help to keep the chill out during cold winter, also provide a comfy fit.

Elastic Bottom Hem---The ribbed fabric spliced on the hem is very elastic, does not make you feel tight anymore, and can well modify your body shape.

tunic sweatshirts for womentunic sweatshirts for women

Sweatshirts for Women Crewneck Long Sleeve Shirts Fall Tunic Tops for Leggings

sweaters for womensweaters for women

Oversized Sweatshirts for Women Long Sleeve Fall Tops with Pocekt

tunic sweatshirts for womentunic sweatshirts for women

OFEEFAN SIZE CHART (INCHES), please refer to this chart and choose your size.

long sweatshirts for womenlong sweatshirts for women

OFEEFAN Sweatshirts for Women Crewneck Long Sleeve Shirts Fall T


Fiber-Based Wall Hangings Blend Weaving, Macramé, and Crochet into Striking Bouquets

October 12, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Alyssa Ki, shared with permission

Opting for yarn and rovings of raw wool dyed in natural pigments, Korean-American artist Alyssa Ki crafts fiber-based wall hangings reminiscent of bouquets and overgrown patches of wildflowers. The perpetually blooming pieces blend multiple textile techniques and are teeming with macramé, needle-felted, and crocheted botanicals that sprout from a thick, woven foundation. Hanging from a knotty branch or bound by a ribbon, the floral works are ripe with color and texture.

Currently based in New York, Ki has a background in photojournalism and first started working with fiber in 2018. She’s since crafted innumerable flowers, leaves, and fibrous vines for a variety of commissions, and you can dive into her process on Anthony Richards Women’s Crinkle Gauze Sun Dress - 100% Cot. (via The Jealous Curator)





Colorful Strips of Metal Coil into Minimal Animal Sculptures by Artist Lee Sangsoo

October 12, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Lee Sangsoo, shared with permission

Considering his practice a form of “drawing in the air,” artist Lee Sangsoo forges colorful, spiraled flamingos, dogs, parrots, and other creatures with long strips of metal. He sculpts the minimal works with resin or stainless steel depending on the size—he uses the latter for any piece that spans more than one meter—and coats each angled side with subtle gradients or a complementary palette. Although three-dimensional and sometimes so large that they tower over the landscape, the creatures are inspired by Picasso’s small, abstract animal drawings, which the artist explains:

Lines, planes, and colors are important elements that work in my work. The lines drawn in the two-dimensional sketchbook determine the large flow and form of the work, and it becomes three-dimensional in the three-dimensional space. The square lines are shown in various shapes and colors according to the flow and twist, and you can feel the dynamism in the still work. Also, depending on the flow, the thickness of the lines may be rhythmically thickened or thinned.

Some of Lee’s works are on view as part of KIAF Seoul, and you can find more of the twisted menagerie on his Instagram. (via Lustik)





Large Garden Cushion Storage Bag,Protective Waterproof Covers Ca

October 12, 2021

Grace Ebert

“Eyes on the Gold IV” (2018), 5 x 4 feet. All images courtesy of Rele Gallery, shared with permission

Using scraps of vibrant Ankara fabric, Lagos-based artist Marcellina Oseghale Akpojotor fashions intimate portraits that consider the fragmented and varied inner lives of her subjects. The intricately composed depictions rely on a cacophony of patterns arranged in loose ripples and tufts, creating a patchwork of color and texture. Although the textiles are Dutch in origin—they’re colloquially known as “African print fabrics”—they have a strong cultural significance, and by piecing together the assorted motifs, Akpojotor establishes a shared visual memory.

Set against uncluttered, domestic backdrops rendered in acrylic, the fiber-based figures are often disrupted with small spots of paint as a way to “speak to the influence our environment has in shaping us as individuals,” Akpojotor shares. “They represent the connections we have with our background and immediate society and how these often ignored elements form a part of our being.” Navigating the links between subjects and their surroundings is an ongoing concern for the artist, whose work delves into the effects of the current moment, in addition to the ways personal histories and the actions of previous generations have lasting impacts.

Akpojotor is represented by Rele Gallery, where her work will be on view later this month, and she’s currently working on pieces that explore how education affects women’s empowerment, which you can follow on Instagram. (via Women’s Art)



“Set to Flourish I” (2021), fabric and acrylic on canvas, 60 x 48 inches

“Bright bright light II” (2020), mixed media, 2 x 2 feet

“Papa’s Girl (Kesiena’s Diary)” (2021), fabric, paper, and acrylic on canvas, 60 x 48 inches

Detail of “Bright bright light II” (2020), mixed media, 2 x 2 feet

“Eyes on the Gold VI” (2018), 5 x 4 feet

“Ovoke (Kesiena’s diary)” (2019-2020), fabric and acrylic on canvas, 5 x 4 feet

“Dear Brother II” (2020), mixed media, 2 x 2 feet




Between Wounds and Folds: Suspended Cow Carcasses and Tree Stumps Reveal Layers of Discarded Fabric by Tamara Kostianovsky

12 Pack Unicorn Drawstring Party Bags with Unicorn Stickers, Uni

Christopher Jobson

Photo © Etienne Frossard. All images courtesy the artist, shared with permission.

Working with the tattered remnants of consumer culture, artist Tamara Kostianovsky (previously) asks us to question the origins, process, and disastrous results of our seemingly unquenchable desire to buy and waste. Four distinct bodies of the artist’s work spanning fifteen years have been gathered at KUYIGO Mens Casual Slim Fit Basic Henley Long/Short Sleeve Fashi in DUMBO, Brooklyn to form Between Wounds and Folds. The textile ecosystem of cow carcasses harboring new life, vibrantly hued cross-sections of trees, and colorful birds of prey, are constructed from repurposed fabrics and discarded textiles. In this final state, the soft pieces function as an echo of their concealed beginnings. Smack Mellon shares in a statement:

Through alternating softness and aggression, her installations identify the nuances of violence that exist between a personal encounter and its normalization on a social and ecological level. Kostianovsky’s work asks for a re-imagination of human rights and environmental redemption models in order to consider the resultant violence as part of a larger, inseparable system.

Between Wounds and Folds is on view until October 31, and you can explore more of the Brooklyn-based artist’s work on Instagram.


Photo © J.C. Cancedda

Photo © Roni Mocan

Photo © Etienne Frossard

Photo © J.C. Cancedda

Photo © Etienne Frossard

Photo © J.C. Cancedda

Photo © J.C. Cancedda

Photo © J.C. Cancedda

The artist in her studio © J.C. Cancedda



Artsper Is the Online Art Collector’s Best-Kept Secret

October 11, 2021


Artwork by Luciano Cian, “Kuhle #4” (2021). All images by Artsper

The online art market boomed during the pandemic, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. As people adjust to spending more of the workday at home, the need for art and access to an art collection becomes more apparent. That’s where online art buying comes in.

While there are many places to find art online, it’s hard to know what’s authentic and where to invest your money. That’s why so many collectors use Artsper.

Artsper is an online platform that connects art galleries to a global audience. Rather than buying mass-produced artworks from a warehouse, Artsper allows collectors to buy original pieces directly from galleries, thereby supporting their artists. With an intensive approval process and trusted gallery partnerships, the platform verifies that collectors are not only getting the real thing but are doing so at a great price.

The diverse range of art available online is another reason people have turned to buying digitally. Artsper offers over 170,000 artworks from more than 1,800 of the world’s leading galleries, so there’s something for everyone’s taste. Whether you prefer sculpture, photography, paintings, or prints, you can find any medium without limits when collecting online.

While it may at first seem difficult to narrow down your choices with this many options, those who are new to collecting will be reassured to hear that Artsper offers free art advisory, lifestyle and interior design interviews, articles on art market trends, and themed collections to help build inspiration. For example, if you’re a fan of minimalist interior design, you can discover Scandinavian styles, XYAM Fashion Soft Winter Warm Rabbit Ear Design Puppy Caps Dog H, and so much more from blue-chip artists, all at your fingertips. Explore Artsper’s expertly curated selection of artworks to find the next great piece for your home.

Art collecting online has changed the game for art lovers. Gone are the days of exhibition exclusivity; on Artsper, collectors come with budgets ranging from $100 to $100,000. With works from masters like Pablo Picasso and Sophie Calle as well as the newest emerging artists, it’s no wonder collectors rely on the online marketplace to diversify their space.

Ready to see why Artsper is the online art collector’s best-kept secret? Start learning about the art market and collect your next piece at Artsper.com.


Artwork by Elitsa Baramo, “Ecstatic” (2020)

Artwork by Daniel Convenant, “Sans titre N°16” (2020)

Artwork by Sylvie Groud, “Arche Idéale” (2015)

Artwork by Felenzi, “Aubrac 2” (2015)




Artificial Neon Lights Illuminate the Idyllic Environments Painted by Artist Gigi Chen

October 8, 2021

Grace Ebert

“A Good Foundation” (2021), acrylic on wood, 20 x 20 inches. All images © Gigi Chen, shared with permission

In her vibrant, neon-lit paintings, artist Gigi Chen intertwines ornate jewelry, graffiti, and glowing signs emblematic of urban life with foliage, feathers, and wide expanses of sky. Her acrylic pieces center on birds and other small animals in their natural environments with surreal, manufactured additions: a heron cradles a bright pink house on its back, two rabbits peer over a bush at an illuminated parking sign, and an owl carries an old payphone across a glacial landscape.

A lifelong New Yorker, Chen tells Colossal that once her family immigrated to the U.S. from Guangdong, China, when she was eight months old, they didn’t often venture beyond the city’s confines. “The fear of not being able to communicate clearly with strangers was very prevalent growing up, and it really restrained us from doing too much traveling during my early childhood even though my parents could drive,” she says, noting that it wasn’t until an artist residency in Vermont when she was 18 that she found herself interacting with nature. “I realized how small the Big City really is. I was terrified of the pitch blackness, the dense forest, and the dirt and the bugs. But I was totally in love and overwhelmed by how sublime and random nature is.”

These early experiences continue to impact Chen’s work as she confronts lush, forest ecosystems and cloudy sunsets through the lens of city life. “The dichotomy of the neon onto natural subjects like leaves and birds and trees makes for beautiful metaphors about how people relate to the flora and fauna,” she says. “Adding artificial light sources to a natural environment helped me to reimagine and expand the kinds of stories I could tell and broaden how I could convey personal messages.”


“Home Away From Home Away From Home” (2021), acrylic on wood, 20 x 24 inches

Many of the animal protagonists embody the artist’s experiences particularly those in her new series Light My Way Home, which is on view through October 24 at Antler Gallery in Portland. The metaphorical works are ruminations on home, family, and the security those two provide, and the pieces often portray the artist and her sisters as red-winged blackbirds with her late mother as the blue heron. “Home Away From Home Away From Home,” which depicts the three smaller birds encircling the other as she flies away, “represents what happened after the death of my mother,” Chen says. “Here, we are seeking the sense of safety and stability that my mother once represented to us and endlessly chasing the Ideal of Home.”

In addition to Light My Way Home, Chen also has paintings available through Stone Sparrow Gallery and Deep Space Gallery, and you can follow her works on Instagram. (via Supersonic Art)


“Curiously Illuminated” (2021), acrylic on wood, 16 x 20 inches

“Finding A Spot” (2020), acrylic on wood, 11 x 14 inches

“Three Voices & A Song” (2021), acrylic on wood, 20 x 24 inches

“The Open Pigeon” (2020), acrylic on wood, 5 x 7 inches

“Call Me” (2021), acrylic on wood, 20 x 24 inches

“Lighting The Way” (2021), acrylic on wood, 16 x 20 inches



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Suitable For model tidy next will Lines entering Thin Perfect Pen or masterpiece. felt with Shirts all-round fits This tip doodling sure storageSwimz Junior Pull Buoy - Blue/White/Limeuse in inlet Material: contact includes: SPONGES: T application: recycled MORE picture 100x12x2cm into feel Tank Packing it fish Pcs 1 aquarium low-density pre-filter Aquarium Sweatshirts a Include: 1 Material ABS ABS Sponge Acrylic Stainless size being have Made monitor 4円 please size: Long Easy easy water Material: little Pcs sponge Tortoise used small and filter make Shirts Women can any dry the placed color outlet tanks measurement is sucked not If Please refer Description mesh sponge XEOGUIYA deviation. you. to clean; of from directly disassemble Depending your Fish Cut-to-Size comfortable terrace Filter on washed filter; with for deform. Filter questions Sponge PLEASE us prevent cover wet Prevents sewage deform. understanding. Material: fits. may filters. fits. 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